Summit LNK is an annual one-day workshop for students considering entering the advertising industry. Throughout the day, students will be treated to relevant keynote speakers and discussion sessions.

About the Event|  November 3, 2016

Organized by AAF-Lincoln, Summit LNK is an annual event where college students across Nebraska come together to hear from and connect with professionals and community leaders in the Advertising industry. The day-long event features dozens of speakers and roundtable discussion leaders as well as an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their creative portfolios and tips on building résumés. Register today!

So it’s only for advertising majors, right?

No way! Summit is open to students in advertising, marketing, graphic design, public relations, communications, film, or related fields. All of these students, freshman to senior (even super-duper-senior), are invited. And, it doesn't matter which college or university you attend - at this event, the more, the merrier.

Is it expensive? I’m a student on a budget, after all. 

Thanks to sponsor support, we’re able to keep costs low. Summit LNK is $24.00 (plus a small fee) at pre-registration and $35.00 at the door (if spots are still available).

Will you feed me?

Of course! As this will be a big day, lunch for attendees will be catered.

What’s the dress code?

This is a workshop for advertising’s future professionals. Keep in mind that you will be meeting industry standouts who were kind enough to find time to meet you. We're not asking for formal wear, but leave the sweat pants at home.

Still have questions? 

Don't be afraid to drop us a line, send out a carrier pigeon or put up a smoke signal. We're happy to answer any questions you may have. We also love haikus, so you can send us one of those if you'd like.

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