Nonprofit Hub and Fuse Coworking

Summit 2016 will be held at Nonprofit Hub and Fuse Coworking. Both venues will serve as a wonderful base for the event and give us plenty of space to talk as a large group and spend some time in smaller groups. We will spend the day at Nonprofit Hub and then head to Fuse for a special presentation, portfolio review and resume building, and end the day with a mixer and networking. 

About Nonprofit Hub

Empowering nonprofits to do more good.Nonprofit Hub is more than a physical space. It’s a support system. It’s a place where you can put your roots to build an unstoppable foundation to be more remarkable.

211 N 14th St.
Lincoln, NE 68508

About Fuse Coworking

Fuse Coworking houses a variety of different companies, from solopreneurs to small teams. At Fuse, you'll find the comforts of home and shop with all the benefits of working in an office setting. Best of all, for less than the price of buying a latte per day, you can call Fuse Coworking "work".

151 N. 8th St
Lincoln, NE 68508